Where the Middle East meets the world. 


INTERSECTION is an Aslan Media weekly podcast dedicated to providing a deeper understanding of the political and cultural currents driving the Middle East, South Asia and North Africa (MENASA). Taking a uniquely integrative approach, the show explores the complexity of global relationships related to MENA and MENASA. With humor, and a domestic as well as international perspective, host Michael Brooks offers up a slew of interviews with fascinating thought leaders, journalists, activists, authors, and social entrepreneurs, as well as providing his own regular commentaries. The show synthesizes current events with a fresh voice, and dives deep into the region's stories.

INTERSECTION is for the generation who knows that what’s local is global, and what’s global is local. 




Michael Brooks is the host of INTERSECTION

A New York based policy analyst, commentator, contributor, and producer for the award winning political radio show The Majority Report. His writing has been published in the Washington Post, Huffington PostAlternet and Al Jazeera America; and he appears regularly as a guest analyst on television and radio including Al Jazeera America and Huffington Post Live.

Before that he co-wrote The Buddha's Playbook and designed training programs integrating mindfulness meditation and choice design theory. Michael has also worked as a social movement researcher and community building strategist at the open source consultancy Civic Actions.

He holds a BA in political science from Bates College and studied Turkish and EU relations at Middle East Technical University in Ankara Turkey.

You can follow Michael on Twitter @_michaelbrooks or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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This week, host Michael Brooks and Aslan Media Executive Director Roshi Pejhan take you on a tour of the news from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia with an hour long discussion on the latest issues facing the region. They discuss what to expect from from India's next Prime Minister Narende Modi, Turkey's mine disaster and the staying power of Prime Minister Erdogan, continuing domestic political tensions in Iran, and more!


On this week's podcast, host Michael Brooks speaks with Think Progress National Security Editor, Benjamin Armbruster on the next stage of the Iran P5+1 nuclear negotiations, how close we are to a deal, and the cottage industry that opposes a deal. They also touch on the Republicans' latest Benghazi fervor.


Host Michael Brooks speaks with Sharad Joshi, Assistant Professor of Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies at The Monterrey Institute. They discuss Boko Haram's recent deplorable news headlines in Nigeria, PR and terrorism, the Pakistani governments push to negotiate with the Pakistani Taliban, and why those negotiations might be doomed.


On this weeks's podcast, host Michael Brooks speaks with Wajahat Ali, Co-Host of Al Jazeera America's The Stream. This is one of our longer podcasts, and you won't be disappointed! They chatted on how Wajahat became a writer, the struggles of creating authentic work, the role of combating bigotry and connecting communities through art, and exploring the role of new media in the future.


News Team member Dina Yazdani is here with this week's MENASA News Brief for you. And, we've got an audio clip of our latest Book Salon Book Chat video (on youtube). Reza Aslan sat down with the authors of the book, Sons of Abraham. This podcast includes the 10 minute part 1 audio from that interview.