Fashion Fighting Famine Puts Charity on the Runway

Hijab-ista Photo Credit: Noor MolviWith its “here today, gone tomorrow” philosophy, fashion is a volatile industry that dictates people’s lifestyle with its latest trends and hottest designer labels. But one thing that is slowly becoming a classic trend in the fashion industry is social consciousness. A group of Muslim young women at the University of California, Irvine, has been on this trend since 2007 by combining the two strong forces of fashion and charity under the banner of Fashion Fighting Famine (FFF). The nonprofit organization organizes fashion shows to raise money to support charities like One Laptop Per Child.

FFF will be hosting its fifth annual summer fashion show on June 3, 2012, at UC Irvine, and is creating a lot of buzz with its lineup of well-known and upcoming Muslim designer labels such as Marena Y Sol (yes, Kim Kardashian wore their kaftan in Dubai), Vela Scarfs, Abaya Addict, Hijabista, SixteenR, Mohajababes, and Rana Greiche Couture. A “Shop for a Cause” bazaar will allow the guests to purchase the items featured on the runway and also other products by local Muslim businesses. The organization also released a pre-show lookbook for a sneak peek of the designs that will be featured on the runway.

Watch the video here

Socially conscious fashionistas will get a chance to dress up and walk the red carpet with full glitz and glamour. Expect to see photographers and social media handlers clicking away to showcase all of the show’s fabulous fashions to the world.

This year Ibtihaj Muhammad, an Olympic hopeful and three-time NCAA All-American and Junior Olympic Champion, will grace the event, already expressing her excitement and support for FFF on her Twitter account. Jeannie Mai of Style Network also showed her love and encouragement for the fashion show through her social media pages.

Beside raising funds for One Laptop Per Child, portion of all the proceeds from the show this year will also be donated to Syria Relief and Development. Since its inception, FFF has raised nearly $30,000 to benefit charities all over the world.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here. Please note that this will be a women-only event. For a taste of what’s to come on the runway, check out these preview photos from the designers:

Mohajababes Photo credit: Anum Arshad


Vela Photo credit: Noor Halim

Sixteenr Photo Credit:

Marena y Sol Photo Credit: Erum Khalili

Abaya Addict Photo Credit: Shabnam Sheikh

By Alnas Zia, Aslan Media Contributing Writer and Multimedia Assistant

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