Nathan Lean's latest book, "The Islamophobia Industry" takes a deep look at the shadowy network of hate-peddlers in the USA and Europe. Tracking this civil rights issue of our time, Lean keeps us informed about the progression of, battles against, and collateral damage of America's Islamophobia Industry. 


Two of America's most notorious hate group leaders are unpacking their suitcases ... and they never left home.
Here's a troubling new revelation: Anti-Muslim bigots in Dalton Gardens, Idaho who are still angry about the "Ground Zero Mosque" — which was not a mosque and was not at Ground Zero — have decided to take their rage to a whole new level. Jihawg Ammo, an ammunition company whose name is a blend of "jihad" and "hog," are fighting back with pork-laced bullets. That's right — the nail-sized ammo is supposedly coated in pork-infused paint. Their idea is simple (and sick): Shoot Muslims with the bullets, and they'll be refused a seat at the table in Heaven because their bodies will be riddled with swine. The company's website reads: "With Jihawg Ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell." So here's the question: Just how long will it be before some crazy "Don't Tread on Me" Tea Partier shows up outside a mosque with a round of these things in his clip? Check out the story — and share this craziness with your friends — here.
While Michele Bachmann’s accusations over the summer that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, is a Muslim Brotherhood spy certainly continued a general sentiment that Bachmann is a kook, the Minnesota Congresswoman had one million reasons for her phantom chase. That’s the amount of money her re-election campaign raked in during the first 25 days of July. Islamophobia apparently pays big during election time and Bachmann’s supporters — Republicans who straddle the line between ultra-conservatism and downright radicalism — seem to love calculated Muslim bashing. They bank on the hope that it will both propel Bachmann to a fourth term in the fall while also unseating President Obama, a man who 17% of Americans still believe follows the Islamic faith.
Europeans beware: Muslims are on the loose again! At least that’s the message being vended by a resurgence of far right populists who have triggered a recent uptick in continent-wide Islamophobia across Europe. In Britain, the University of East Anglia has suddenly decided to shut down an Islamic center used by Muslim students for prayer in June of this year. In Germany, President Joachim Gauck didn’t mince his words when he said that Muslims were more definitively a part of his country than was their religion of Islam. And in Belgium, the right-wing political party, Vlaams Belgan, was apparently so troubled with observant Muslims that they proclaimed a bounty on women caught wearing religious garments in public. “Bag A Burqa,” as some have called it, pays ordinary Belgian citizens 250 Euros to report a veiled woman to the police (That’s 100 Euros more than the fine Muslim women risk paying for violating the ban which was enacted in Belgium, along with France’s, last year).